Friday, July 6, 2018

Amant New York

End to End Brand Development and Scaling

The Objective:

The designer of Amant New York came to us with an innovative tie drop jewelry piece and asked if we we could develop a full brand around it that would be high end, stand for an aspirational ideal larger than just the piece itself, and be embraced by the high fashion world.

The Strategy:

We conceptualized, refined and rolled out the entire brand development and scaling strategy for Amant New York. First, we took the tiedrop piece and transformed it into a symbol of effortless class and subtle distinction, giving the brand higher significance and appeal than just it’s product.

Then, based off the known style interests and pre-dispositions of our high fashion target audience in New York, we designed and produced a distinct visual DNA for the brand that would highly resonate with their tastes. Armed with a value proposition and a visual imprint which were perfectly synchronized with the tastes of our target audience, we then brought the brand vividly to life through premium website, social media channels, and fully-customized E-Store designs. Once the brand was launched, we implemented an ultra-cost effective Influencer and Facebook ad strategy to scale our audience and achieve our monthly targets for engagement and consumer conversion.

The Result:

From the development angle, we built every aspect of the framework (the brand concept, value proposition, marketing message, visual DNA, social media, website, and take-to-market plan) that would bring our client’s vision to life. Currently, Amant has a beautiful, coherent brand image and narrative that epitomizes its founders ideals and is being highly embraced by the New York fashion world. From the scaling angle, with a very small budget we were able to scale Amant up to 30,000 on target followers within just the first 45 days of the brand’s launch and drove thousands of early adopters, well-exceeding even our most ambitious goals.

Iván Medina

Author & Editor

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