Wednesday, January 23, 2019

APM Monaco

Starter influencer movement program

The Objective:

APM wished to implement a long term top tier blogger and influencer program that would transform their brand into a thriving global enterprise with prominent name recognition and a rapidly growing consumer base.

The Strategy:

We organized a monthly high fashion influencer movement campaign for APM Monaco consisting of 4 prominent international women’s style influencers per month who would post 1x/month on Instagram, produce 3 extra branded images and 1 brand experience video each.

Through this process, we aimed to expand APM Monaco’s consumer base by nearly 2 million new, on target customers and significantly elevate their brand status through the process

The Results:

Thanks to the highly publicized endorsements of over 75 T1 influencers from 2016 through the start of 2019, including many of today’s leading style tastemakers and top bloggers (Such as Amy Jackson, Rose Betram, Victoria Bonya, Chloe Lloyd, Mathilde Gohler, Raina Hein, Marina Laswick, Hofit Golan, Michele Maturo, Lainy, Hedeya, Diona Ciobanu, Lovely Pepa, Pocky Barnes and Janice Joostema) APM Monaco’s total audience engagement rose by 80%, hey become globally recognized with red carpet features from the Venice to the Cannes Film Festival, and their IG following shot up by more than 300k followers enabling them to open up more than 5 international stores through our term together.

Iván Medina

Author & Editor

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