About Our Ceo

About Our CEO

Thomas Herd

CCEO of T1 Advertising & Shareholder in L'Officiel USA Magazine.

Coming from a unique NCAA ice hockey and fashion modeling background, Thomas embarked on a career as a serial entrepreneur by age 25. After fundraising nearly $3 million to launch several new companies in fashion and media such as L'Officiel Magazine USA, Thomas founded T1 Advertising in 2014 to become the go-to resource for brands looking to rocket themselves to record growth in the digital marketplace.

Since T1's inception, Thomas has developed a proprietary growth formula that's been recognized by the industry as the gold-standard approach for digital brand growth and has become an official contributor to more than fifty prestigious magazines and publications, including Entreprenuer, Haute Living, Ocean Drive, LA Confidential, Toys For Boys Magazine, and Maxim.

Thomas is now in the process of converting his proven growth formula into an automated technology that can be democratized to small and mid-size businesses worldwide to give them relevance, commercial success, and longevity in the modern era.