About Us

About T1 Advertising

We're one of the most trusted global strategic marketing agencies. We command the digital marketplace thanks to exclusive access to over 1000 of its most important tastemakers and consumption-shaping channels.

More importantly, we've engineered a scientifically based, dependable scaling process brands can use to ignite viral movements, establish categorical superiority, and drive exponential sales growth.

We build such digital scaling strategies for industry leaders from L'Oreal, French Connection, and Primark to dozens of start ups. Our proprietary exponential growth formula has been hailed by international media as the new gold-standard process to follow in digital era brand growth.

With us, you have the complete track record, tools, and process to make sure you achieve your goals.

Our Formula

We've become the first digital agency in the world to develop concrete, scientific solutions for every performance metric a brand or entrepreneur could want without risk.

Specifically, we've developed breakthrough solutions for:

  1. a) Sales/customer acquisition targets
  2. b) Instagram growth where we've become the only agency to grow brands by over 200k on-target, real followers per month,
  3. c) High-profile primetime press articles through our journalists 100 + publications
We provide our brand partners/entrepreneurs a risk-free way of achieving their goals.

*Specifically, we refund our clients pro-rata for any shortcoming in pre-agreed targets, meaning that they cannot possibly pay more than the value they receive in any scenario.


We have an unmatched influencer portfolio that consists of over 1000 trending celebrities, fashion icons, digital content creators, bloggers, and youtube vloggers. Through this tastemaker network, we have a combined reach of over 1 billion annual consumers spread across the global fashion, luxury, cosmetics, and lifestyle markets.

Further, every influencer in our portfolio is categorized according to audience type and primary geo location, so we know right away which influencers will be most key in converting your brand's target audience.

This enables us to build a vast consensus of the most key influencers for your target audience which guarantees your brand becomes a dominant cultural movement and takes hold of your intended customer base.

We scientifically design, assemble, and execute hundreds of these influencer movement campaigns per year, rocketing our brand partners to categorical superiority and record breaking sales success.