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Look Away

Look Away

Exponential Growth Formula


The movie Look Away, an independent psychological thriller starring Jason Issaccs and India Eisly was not able to generate much buzz ahead of their theatre release. They hired T1 last minute (two days before the film’s release) to spark a groundswell of support for the film that would rocket last minute ticket sales and Itunes downloads.


Since the film was debuting in Hollywood, T1 identified and put together a hierarchy of 100 leading celebrities and influencers that were most pivotal for shaping the public perception/buying behavior of millennial movie consumers in Hollywood/West LA. T1 then harnessed a broad coalition of more than 30+ pivotal millennial influencers- headlined by moviestars such as Alexis Knapp and August Maturo- to unilaterally endorse the film as the must-see psych thriller of 2018. T1 then validated and amplified the film’s rise to prominence through an array of A list media, with exclusive articles from Maxim Magazine, Inc. Magazine, and LA Confidential which were then syndicated by the blog giant reddit across its entertainment channels, saturating our target audience from all sides and with escalating frequency.


Collectively, this three-pronged influencer- media- syndication campaign established an industry-wide consensus that Look Away was the most trending pyschological thriller of Fall 2018. This consensus- which seeped in and saturated both our local LA target audience and a national US target audience- led to a sold out debut weekend weekend in LA and rocketed Look Away to #44 on the Itunes worldwide charts.


February 7, 2021


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