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Celebrity Headlined Event Organization and Production.


To drive a major impact for their biggest collection launch of the year, MeUndies wished to partner with a large collective of today’s most important style influencers and blog channels. As opposed to focusing on a single audience, MeUndies wanted to establish their Everyday Collection as the new underwear product of choice for consumer audiences across the spectrum and use high-profile media to amplify and validate this trend to produce a long-term effect.


To achieve MeUndies’ objective of producing a far-reaching brand movement, we assembled a broad coalition of today’s most important fashion influencers for women ages 18-35, whose style choices are emulated in today’s most respected fashion publications such as Vogue, WWD, and Refinery 29. In total, we assembled 15 top fashion bloggers and influencers who each shape the buying behavior/pubic perception of the different demographics MeUndies wanted to capture, including such stars as Adenorah (key in influencing the Paris Market), Jill Wallace (key in influencing the High Fashion New York), Taylr Anne (key in influencing the Young Hollywood), Rachel Nguyen (key in influencing the Asian Demographic), etc. During launch week, we produced over 100 pieces of captivating content which our influencers published across all channels (Instagram, Blogs, Facebook, and Twitter) to transform the Everyday Collection into the most conspicuous undies trend in every consumer market MeUndies wanted to hit. For the final blow, Forbes Magazine authentically published an article narrating and validating The Everyday Collection’s meteoric rise to prominence and citing our innovative influencer marketing model for the reason why.


Through the precise recipe of our vast influencer coalition, the magnitude of campaign content, and the headline Forbes article we were able to dramatically exceed every one of MeUndies KPI’s and produce a brand movement that ignited exponential growth in every key market. The campaign was such a hit that it’s approach was later described as the gold standard in influencer marketing by Forbes.


February 7, 2021


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