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Celebrity Headlined Event Organization and Production.


The Nomo Soho Hotel wished to plan a celebrity headlined, media covered event to ignite consumer traffic and overall brand presence during NY Fashion Week, February 2016. Despite the fact the Nomo Soho only had a limited budget, they still wished to create a tremendous impact amongst fashion week patrons as well as in the associated press, and put their faith in us to devise an ultra cost-effective method to pull it off.


In order to secure the support of a few prominent celebrities (whose presence in turn would attract the media coverage the Nomo Soho desired) we organized a live photo exhibition of the latest works of a trending fashion photographer Bryce Thompson which strategically featured many of today’s most coveted pop icons and supermodels in the actual display images. Since these stars gave their consent to be featured and were therefore tied to the event naturally, we were able to garner the organic support of celebrities such as Emily Ratajkwoski, Sara Sampaio, Devon Windsor, who came to pose next to their images and create a press spectacle.


The event was filled to the rafters with leading press publications (including People Magazine and the NY Post) covering the exhibition and the carousel of stars such as Sara Sampaio and Emily Ratajkowski passing through. It attracted an elite crowd of 500 patrons, generated an avalanche of media coverage and social media coverage, and ignited perception of the Nomo Soho as the new hot celebrity hot bed during NY Fashion Week, a perception which helped them significantly increase their sales and occupancy rate through the rest of 2016.


February 7, 2021


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