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Exponential Growth Formula.



Primark, one of Europe’s largest fast fashion businesses on par with Zara and H&M, wished to expand rapidly in the United States, starting with their US flagship market in Boston. To create a workable model that could be replicated to other markets and scaled across the U.S., they asked T1 to grow them into one of the most prominent and recognizable brands in Boston through a 3 month all-encompassing campaign that consisted of live events, influencers, press, and digital marketing.


We architected a well-rounded, coordinated 12-week strategy that consisted of 1 live influencer hosted event per week at Primark’s Flagship Boston Store, a series of over 10 digital endorsements per week by the influencer host between Instagram and Snapchat, 1 headline Boston media article per week, and targeted online syndication of the resulting content to on-target viewers in the Boston Market. Over the course of the 12-week campaign, we built a coalition of 12 of Boston’s top style influencer and 4 of Boston’s top media publications who all funneled their audiences towards Primark and cemented public perception of the brand as Boston’s #1 Fashion brand. As if this wasn’t enough, we syndicated the powerful influencer and media movement taking place behind Primark to Boston’s 673,000 population on a weekly basis until we completely saturated the Boston market and Primark became the most conspicuously popular fashion brand in Boston.


Over the course of the 12-week campaign, we executed over 100 influencer social posts for Primark, delivered more than 20 dedicated media and blog articles on the brand, generated 1000’s of organic in store posts from Primark shoppers, and established recognition of the brand with nearly on-target viewer in Boston through our syndication. The direct result, was that we were able to increase brand awareness by an astounding 60% (as measured from methodical, highly regulated sample polls) and we ignited a powerful cultural movement for Primark which turned them into Boston´s clear leader and could be replicated to scale the brand in each new American market it ventured into.


February 7, 2021


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