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Valdez Panama Hats

Valdez Panama Hats

Exponential Growth Formula – VPH, Valdez Panama Hats Launch Campaign



VPH sought to partner with a major celebrity to spearhead their US Launch. They wanted the celebrity to be one of the world’s foremost stars, to appeal to a millenial trend conscious consumer audience, and to create a branded product that could spark the attention of high end retail/department stores.


Thanks to our relationship with her, we were able to confirm Cara Delevgine for the campaign at a steal of a price. We then worked with VPH to design a hat attuned to Cara’s personal style and audience tastes and organized a viral US Launch campaign consisted of social media endorsement posts from Cara, supplementary digital media content and product imagery, and extensive campaign media coverage and packaging that could be utilized to spark the interest of prospective new retail partners for VPH.


Within just weeks, we turned the heads of 30 million consumers directly towards VPH, garnered over 1 million new viewers of the company’s pages, attracted the attention of Colette in Paris which now sells VPH, and altogether boosted sales inquiries by more than 30% within a 3 month window.


February 7, 2021


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